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The Powers of stones

How do we know which stone is best for us ?

To find out which stone is made for you, simply go to a shop and let yourself be called by a stone. Thus, it will correspond to your needs at the moment. However, we must be careful because when we are in a difficult time and we are bathed in bad waves, it’s possible that we are attracted by stones that turn us into a magnet with bad energies. So pay attention to how you feel when you get close to that stone. It’s also possible to choose your stones, according to a specific need.

Anxiety & Stress


Tourmaline can be of different colors like black, green or pink. It’s a symbol of protection. This stone is considered as a concentrate of positive energy that protects against negative waves which anguish us and prevents us from moving forward.


Amber is a translucent yellow-orange color. This stone protects the body from negative energies. It helps to fight depression and release anxiety and stress. Finally, it symbolizes success and optimism.


Pink Quartz

Pink quartz is a stone associated with the heart chakra that helps to heal deep emotional wounds: heartache, painful trauma… You can wear pink quartz jewelry or put it under your pillow to promote harmony.


Just like pink quartz, topaz strengthens the connection with the heart. This stone makes you aware of your values and riches. Thus, this stone guides towards self-understanding without being judgmental. Topaz is ideal to accompany you in mindfulness meditation.

Purification of the atmosphere


The Cyanite Stone is translucent blue and is known to purify the atmosphere by moving negative energies. This stone purifies both mentally and physically by eliminating mental pollution, anxiety, rumination, and stress.

Rock crystal

Rock crystal is a clear and colorless stone, known to harmonize a piece by purifying and unblocking blocked energies. Considered the symbol of harmony and protection, rock crystal amplifies positive energies.

Stones and astrological signs

Capricorn : The Ruby

Aquarius : The Garnet

Pisces : Amethyst

Aries : The Hematite

Taurus : The Sapphire

Gemini : Agate

Cancer : The Emerald

Leo : The Onyx

Virgo : The Carnelian

Libra : The Peridot

Scorpio : Seaweed stone

Sagittarius : Topaz

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