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The mushrooms

Dessin représentant les bienfaits des champignons

On Earth, there is an incredible variety of mushrooms, of different sizes, shapes and colors. There are even bioluminescent mushrooms. They act as a real digestive apparatus for the earth. Most of us are afraid of mushrooms because some of them can kill. But let's not neglect their properties.

Personne touchant la mousse d'un arbre.

The properties of mushrooms :

Mushrooms contain a lot of protein and B vitamins that allow us to have healthy skin and good neuromuscular functioning. Rich in vitamin D, they play an important role in strengthening bones and provide a protective effect against diabetes and certain cancers. We also find iron, zinc, copper and selenium. All this allows us to fight against winter depression and stimulate the immune system.

Photo d'un arbre coucher dans la forêt

Photo d'une personne marchant dans la forêt

The Reishi Mushroom

Dessin représentant le champignons reishi

Who is he ?

This fungus is accustomed to tropical conditions and grows on decaying trees. We can recognize it by its irregular semi-circular cap. Its color can range from yellow-orange to reddish-brown and its foot is brown, shiny and cylindrical. Reishi can reach 15 to 20 centimeters.

Its properties

It has been recognized for millennia as “the mushroom of immortality”. This is explained by its antioxidant properties which give it a superb status as an anti-aging ally. Reishi has great hydration capacities which helps to strengthen and restore the skin barrier. In beauty care, it acts against the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines while acting on hyperpigmentation. Small +: it stimulates our immune system.

How to use it ?

For a beauty treatment we can include its extracts in creams, serums... We can also consume it in powder form in a smoothie to help our body fight fatigue and stress in the morning.

To learn more about mushrooms, I recommend the documentary film Fantastic Fungi on Netflix ;) .

Consult a specialist for more information.

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