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An infusion consists of pouring hot water over plants to let them infuse for a few minutes. There are different infusions that can all meet our needs.



In herbal tea, chamomile is favorable for good digestion. Its anti-inflammatory properties protect against small digestive diseases, which is why it is effective against fevers and nausea. Chamomile also calms bloating and stomach aches. To cure these ailments, drink an infusion of chamomile after each meal. Small +: cold, the infusion acts on mouth infections or canker sores.


In addition to being stimulating and refreshing, mint promotes good digestion. It soothes the stomach and stimulates bile and therefore digestion thanks to its concentration of iron and vitamin C. All this allows the liver to eliminate toxins and better detoxify the body.


Sage tea is a remedy for liver, stomach and intestinal pain. Known to treat digestive disorders and excessive sweating, sage tea is also effective against period problems or hot flashes.

Anxiety / Stress :

Lemon balm

Lemon balm has its origins in the Mediterranean regions and in Western Asia. This infusion allows us to find calm when we are stressed or anxious. It is ideal for heartburn due to worries and helps with falling asleep.


An infusion of lavender helps to remedy anxiety, stress and nervousness because it slows down the activity of the nervous system. This hot drink clears the airways and is ideal for flu-like conditions. It is even able to stop angina if taken early.

Winter illnesses :

The Thyme

Thyme tea helps fight cold-related illnesses such as colds, tonsillitis or flu. It also helps soothe irritated throats. Used in mouthwash, thyme could have an action against bacteria in the mouth such as cavities.

The Ginger

Ginger is known to facilitate digestion and reduce nausea, but not only. It is traditionally used to fight inflammation in the body and prevent illnesses such as colds, flu and fever. This medicinal plant is antibacterial. It helps boost the immune system and warm the body. There are about forty antioxidant compounds that have been discovered in ginger.


Echinacea tea reduces cold symptoms and boosts the immune system. This plant also has virtues to treat infectious states: otitis, angina, urinary tract infection, flu, sore throat...

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