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1.1. The term "Platform" refers to the La Mandarine Blanche website which allows Users (customers) to access the services of La Mandarine Blanche.

1.2.  The term "CGU" refers to these general conditions of use.

1.3. The term "Client" refers to any natural or legal person using the Platform for the purpose of benefiting from a Service.

1.4. The term “Order” refers to a purchase made on the La Mandarine Blanche website.

1.5. The term “Account” designates the dedicated and individualized digital space of a User on the Platform.

1.6. The term “Content” refers to any comments, messages, information or data posted on the Platform.

1.7. The term "Platform" refers to the linking platform operated by La Mandarine Blanche accessible from the Site and allowing the Services to be provided.

1.8. The term "Site" refers to the website as well as all of its sub-domains.

1.9. The term "Service" refers to the provision of services provided by Emmanuelle Capus within her office to a Client.

1.10. The term “Services” refers to all the services provided by La Mandarine Blanche to Users.

1.11. The term "User" refers indiscriminately to a Client who uses the Platform.

1.12. The term “La Mandarine Blanche” refers to SASU La Mandarine Blanche registered under number 824 007 298, domiciled at 10 rue Thérèse 75001 Paris.


Unless otherwise required by the context, terms and definitions declined in the singular include the plural, and vice versa.


La Mandarine Blanche operates the Platform to enable Customers to benefit from the Services.

The purpose of these general conditions of use is to define the terms of access and use of the platform, as well as to define the rights and obligations of La Mandarine Blanche, and of Customers in connection with the use of the Platform. .


The Customer can create his Account and register on the Platform through the Site, during the process of booking an Order or in the “My space” tab. The Customer must provide the information necessary to create his Account when he first connects, and in particular his name, first name and email address. The Client guarantees to La Mandarine Blanche that he has the power and capacity to create the Account and use the Services. During the process of creating the Account, the Customer undertakes to read the T&Cs when he materializes his consent to them by checking the box "I accept the general conditions of use". The Customer is free to accept or refuse the T&Cs. As of its acceptance and/or at the end of the process, the Customer receives an email confirming the creation of the Account.



To improve its operation and quality, La Mandarine Blanche is developing the characteristics and functionalities of the Platform and its Services.

La Mandarine Blanche may unilaterally modify the T&Cs concerning the technical aspects of the Platform and its Services provided that there is no resulting increase in price or alteration in quality and that the characteristics to which the User has made his commitment subject have may have appeared in the T&Cs.

For other changes to the T&Cs and Services, La Mandarine Blanche will inform the User, by any means, at least 15 days before their entry into force.

In the absence of objection by the User within this period, the modifications will be considered as read and accepted. In the event of objection or refusal, the T&Cs will be immediately terminated and the User must cease using the Platform and the Services, subject to the perfect performance of the obligations in force (in particular, Users must honor Orders in Classes).



Access to the Platform and the Services is exclusively reserved for Users. Each User understands and accepts that he is responsible for the access and use of his Account.

Except for a technical failure attributable to La Mandarine Blanche or in the event of force majeure, each User is responsible for the confidentiality of his login data and undertakes to implement all measures likely to ensure the security and confidentiality of his login data. .

If he has reason to believe that his login details (in particular, his username or password) have been lost, stolen, misappropriated or compromised in any way, or in the event of unauthorized use of his Account, the User must immediately notify La Mandarine Blanche. In such a situation, the User authorizes La Mandarine Blanche to take all appropriate measures to prevent any new access to the Account.



The Customer can make Reservations on the Site. He must select one or more services within the Services offered and enter the desired date and time. The Services can only be performed at the times indicated on the Site.

Before validation of the Reservation, the Customer has access to a summary of it and can fill in specific requests or give indications. The Customer understands and accepts that this information is given for information only and that the service provider does not undertake to do so.

The Customer can modify his reservation at any time, before the date scheduled for the session, in his customer space or by contacting us directly, if the latter does not have a customer account.



The Customer can cancel his reservation up to 24 hours before the session, either from his member area or by sending an email to .


Below, the cancellation conditions of La Mandarine Blanche:

  • You can cancel your appointment no later than 24 hours before your appointment. Otherwise, your reservation cannot be refunded.



Out of respect for the following customers, please notify us in case of delay.

Any delay of more than 15 minutes will result in the cancellation of your appointment if the schedule does not allow it to be guaranteed.

If the activity of La Mandarine Blanche causes a delay on your appointment, we apologize in advance. We undertake to notify you as soon as possible.

If it is not possible to postpone the latter on the same day, we will immediately offer you the postponement of the appointment to a slot that would suit you best within the limit of 6 months from the date of the day.



The treatment begins with cleansing the skin of the face.

A complete massage of the neckline, shoulders and trapezius muscles going up to the face, lasting 1h30, aiming to:

Tone, soften, and loosen the adhesions of the muscles of the face performing passive facial gymnastics.

Stimulate proteins essential to skin tone such as elastin and collagen.

Drain to release the toxins present under the skin tissues and illuminate the complexion.

All in a sequence of maneuvers respectful of the anatomy, combining softness and firmness.

This complete massage also brings deep relaxation to the whole body, it promotes sleep and reduces stress.



The prices displayed on the site are indicated in euros, all French taxes included. La Mandarine Blanche reserves the right to modify its prices without notice and the prices applied to Customers correspond to those displayed on the site at the time of booking.



La Mandarine Blanche entrusts the security of its online transactions to the service provider Stripe. Banking data only circulates on the Internet in encrypted form, that is to say that they are coded in such a way as to make them completely unreadable and are therefore never kept by La Mandarine Blanche.


The gift cards purchased by the customer on the site are valid for a period of 6 months and can be used on the various services offered. Any voucher will not be exchanged or refunded, even partially for any reason whatsoever (including theft, loss, deterioration or expiry).


Promotional codes only apply to non-discounted base prices. Promotional codes cannot be combined with each other or with vouchers. Promotional codes can be used once per customer account unless instructed otherwise by La Mandarine Blanche. These codes are not refundable during an exchange.



La Mandarine Blanche undertakes to make the Platform and the Services available to Users and to make its best efforts to ensure its accessibility and proper functioning.

As such, La Mandarine Blanche undertakes to ensure that the Platform and the Services are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, except in cases of force majeure or unforeseeable and insurmountable behavior by a third party, and subject to any breakdowns and interventions. maintenance and updates necessary for the proper functioning of the Platform and the provision of the Services.

La Mandarine Blanche provides Users with a support service to answer questions and provide assistance in the event of difficulty. For any question or request for information concerning the Platform or the Services, the User may contact La Mandarine Blanche by sending an email to the following address:

In the event of a malfunction or anomaly disrupting the proper functioning of the Platform or the Services, La Mandarine Blanche undertakes to make its best efforts to restore the situation.


The User expressly agrees to:

  • Respect the laws and regulations in force and not to infringe public order, morality or the rights of third parties and not to infringe any legislative or regulatory provision;

  • Not allow any third party to use his Account;

  • Not to publish Content that is offensive, defamatory, denigrating, slanderous, contrary to morality, counterfeiting, undermining public order or the rights of third parties, likely to harm the rights, reputation and image of La Mandarine Blanche or another User;

  • Not to use the Platform or the Services in a fraudulent manner (e.g. a false account or a false identity) and/or to harm the interests of La Mandarine Blanche or of another User;

  • Not assign or transfer their Account in any way to a third party;

  • Provide La Mandarine Blanche with all the information necessary for the proper performance of the Services and guarantee their accuracy;

  • Make fair use of the Platform and the Services, i.e. to participate in the registration, Orders or rating process;

  • Inform La Mandarine Blanche in the event of any complication of any kind, any problem with another User or when using the Platform, the Account and the Services;

  • Keep strictly confidential and do not share with any third party any exchange, conversation, information and, more generally, any element concerning the Services, the Orders and the exchanges between Users or with La Mandarine Blanche.

The User understands and accepts that it is strictly prohibited:

i. Any behavior likely to interrupt, suspend, slow down or prevent the continuity of the Platform or the Services

ii. Any intrusion or attempted intrusion into the systems of La Mandarine Blanche

iii. Any misappropriation of the system resources of the Account and the Platform,

iv. Any action likely to impose a disproportionate burden on the digital infrastructure of La Mandarine Blanche

v.  Any breach of security and authentication measures

vi. Any act likely to infringe the financial, commercial or moral rights and interests of La Mandarine Blanche and other Users

vii.  Any breach of the T&Cs

viii. Any copying and/or misappropriation of La Mandarine Blanche's digital infrastructure

ix. More generally any practice diverting the Platform and the Services for purposes other than those for which they were designed.

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