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Photo en grand format d'Emmanuelle Capus, la propriétaire de la Mandarine Blanche

Emmanuelle Capus

Facialist and Massage Therapist in Paris 8, I offer facial massages in an office.  I have been using well-being massage techniques in addition to my massage protocol called the Mindful Facial for 10 years.


I always register an individualized and global approach thanks to the mastery of various techniques. The practice of Facialist Massage Therapist regulates the general balance of the body. You don't become a therapist by chance.


Whether you want more information or simply contact the firm, I will be happy to answer you.

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The history of La Mandarine Blanche

La Mandarine Blanche was created in 2016, when I wanted to share my own values of well-being with my customers.  


The main values of La Mandarine Blanche are in respect for the specific nature of each being and invites each person to accept himself. The main treatment, entitled the “Mindful facial”, fully recalls these principles. It is in direct connection with full consciousness and invites each individual to become aware of his body, his mind, without passing judgment on it.  


My practice is located within the Somasana center, which is a wellness center dedicated to health, movement and personal development. This place is in perfect harmony with the spirit that La Mandarine Blanche wants to convey.

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